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Non Woven Loop Handle Bag Sewing And Cutting Machine
Performance and Characteristics
This machine is currently the most advanced non-woven bag sewing cutting machine , Machine have function with automatic handle welding sewing, speed up to 20-55 / min, the fabric sheet can be made for box type bag, flat bag, flat bag, has been widely used in clothing, footwear, wine packaging, gift industry, greatly reduce labor, reduce manufacturing cost, instead of the traditional manual sewing bag, is selling all over the country.
This machine save energy and labor . PLC intelligent control, sewing thread broken line and finish line automatic detection downtime, portable material detection, non-woven fabric finish material detection, greatly reducing the rejection rate and manual operation error, one person can complete the operation.
Function flow - discharge pneumatic, automatic photoelectric correction, automatic tension, folding mouth, portable, color tracking, servo feeding, left and right sewing, color tracking, fixed length feeding, cutting, collection.
Main Technical Parameter
Fabric Width 350-1200mm
Folding Width 3-5cm
Loom Handle Distance 190mm
Loop Handle Length 420-550mm
Speed 20-55pcs/min
Plc And Touch Screen hechuan
Servo Iles
Step Motor Heliada
Sewing Head 2 sets Needle spacing 4.8 and 6.4 selection
TotalPower 12kw
Machine Size 11000 ¡Á2300¡Á1700mm
Weight 3000kg
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